Saturday, April 7, 2012

You Can't Fool Me!!‏

Hmmmm so I have some mixed feelings of this email that I received here.  And it's during the time of April Fool's Day.  So we'll play this two different ways shall we?

HA GOOD ONE!!  But ya can't pull my leg!  But if Channing really did fracture her foot and and had to go home for a month and her future mission is unknown I would say What happened?!  How'd her foot break?  What the blazes is goin on there?  And I would tell her (if all this was real of course)  that I'm sorry that she had to get sent home but keep the head up my sista!!  Your adversity and afflictions are for but a small moment (un mes mas o menos)  but you'll be back kickin in no time!!  God has a purpose for everything so have no fear of that.  You could also watch President Henry B. Eyring's Saturday morning talk.  That would help also (if this were really happening of course).  Just keep growing like you did and helping out at home as much as you can. Todovia eres una misionera y puedes ayudar muchas personas.  Y si puedo decirte que cuando tu escribiste algunos meses atras de cuando un hombre estaba coqueteando contigo y tu dijiste que "¿coqueteara con Jesucristo?" me impactó.  Me di cuenta que somos representantes de Jesucristo y se que tu puedes seguir ayudando muchas personas.  Go find Taylor Chick and baptize that sun of a gun!!

But other than that good for Blake!  I picture that hound that says You can take a bite out of forest fires..... or.  Wait is he a bear or a dog?  And who the heck is biting forest fires?  That's the worst slogan I've ever heard.

I looked for Ashley Rodriguez and I never found her.  But David Archuleta was there too?  What the heck is he doing singing with missionaries?  Unless he's coming to Ecuador and I'm gonna train him too. We'll go contacting door to door having him sing to them.  Sing Davey sing!!!!

Cambria is in knowledge bowl??  She's good?  I used to be in that!!  Then I let women take over my life.  Tragedy.  But rock on Cambria!!  Oh be wise what can I say more?  Read Wikipedia and play Fact or Crap and sing like a crocker spaniel on the road to Damascus.

Ah man I only have 10 minutes now!!!    So okay this week we've been doing alright.  It's the last week of this change.  Where did the time go?  No idea!!  My kid is too young to leave on his own!  But man do we laugh.  I've yet to have a bad companion so I fear this next change is going to be the one.  The one that slowly drags me down to the pits of insanity.  But who knows?!  Um so we've continued our scourge of the pits of Satan up in the hills and we found a cool family there.  But the drunk uncle wouldn't let us teach much so we have another appointment tonight.  We went to some other investigator's house that we haven't been able to visit for a week, and when we showed up they were all drunk.  They kept apologizing and saying que guapo I am and offering to buy me new shoes.  The wife kept asking me to make a smooching noise.  She smelt terrible. Then the brother was crying asking us to take him away from this family as he went to the corner to pee.  So we set a appointment for Tuesday.  They said hasta luego come punish us tomorrow!!  Yeeesh.   It was right after conference too so I was feeling all spiritual and had hope comin out the wazoo.  After that I was like.... WELCOME BACK TO ECUADOOOORR!!

So that's all the time I have so I gotta go.  Tell me what's goin down up north because I don't know and if that's apparent help a brother out.    And we hear the drunkards singing......Carry on carry on carry on!!!  Love you all.  Hope it's aight.

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