Monday, February 18, 2013

I`m Thor. You`re sore? Well it hurtth.‏

Hey Mom how`s it goin?  I`m doin alright, just tired.  Naw don`t worry, you had time.  I just print my emails in the morning and saw that you didn`t write me so I thought something went down.  You`re lucky Ididn`t log in to your email and see if you had entered in.  Tisk tisk :)

Well moderation doesn`t apply here in the mission...well at least for these next two months it doesn`t.  And it`s okay, it`s a test of faith.  I trust that President Ghent receives revelation for the mission and if that`s what he asks me to do, I`ll put my faith to the test and see what happens.  And so far, the results are in his favor!

Familia Abad was baptized this Saturday and this Sunday at 10:00 in the morning Familia Cuatin will be baptized.  The Lord`s really blessed us with these two families.  And what`s even crazier, I was talking to the grandma of Famila Abad and I just asked her, "Do you know anybody we could teach around here?"  She said yes, Maria, who lives down here a little further down.  So we went down and knocked on the door of the house that we thought was Maria`s.  Some man opened the door and asked us what we needed, we asked if Maria lived here, he said no, then I said, "Well might as well present ourselves so you don`t wonder who the two strangers are standing in your door in the rain."  We said we were missionaries and such and he said, "Come in!"  

We met his wife and children and then taught the Restoration and he said, "I`ve always wondered why there was so many churches.  I was so confused which was the right one!"  Well know you know how to find out buddy.  They`ve been doing great, attended church and now have a baptismal date for March.  ANOTHER FAMILY!!!  I hadn`t baptized a real family in my whole mission until last November.  And now the Lord has helped us find three in a month. That`s not coincidence and I know the Lord has great things planned for these families and that He`s willing to bless us if we put forth our part.  So I feel like I`m already seeing miracles!

This Sunday I had a talk, they assigned me the Restoration and Missionary Work.  I was going to be the last speaker.  The thing was that the lady who spoke ahead of me talked....and talked....and talked..... I was about to scream out in impatience !  Then she ended and we sang the middle hymn.  I got up there with all my scriptures and Preach My Gospel and the bishopric told me, "Five minutes.  Your testimony."  So I just told them how we`ve been able to help two families be baptized from only two referrels.  Imagine what we could do with more!!  And that was about it.  haha Whenever I prepare my talk all week I end up never giving it.  Now I know.

I sent you guys a letter today.  It has a lot of other letters including ..some from last July.... so if you could please help give those out.  But thanks for all you`re doing mom, you`re doing great with the young women, you`re changing lives!  Thanks for your support.  I love you guys!


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