Sunday, June 23, 2013


Um yes I´ll be arriving the 2nd of July.  They messed up on the paper.  They haven´t given me any travel plans but last time I was talking with Sister Platts, the secretary, she said I´d be on the plane the night of July 1st and then I´d be home the 2nd.  I don´t which airport I´m going to yet either.... haha but it´ll be midweek.  That´s how it normally is.  Change ends on Sunday, interviews and dinner on Monday, and off we go.  If it´s all the same I can just arrive, take a taxi, show up to the house in the middle of the night, crawl into my old room, and we´ll all see each other the next morning.  HOOOPLA!!!  But I´ll go ask right now if they know anything. I´ll tell them the missionary mothers are going mad and rioting and that if I don´t tell them something fast we´ll have a real problem. I´ll write later in the day and tell you what´s up.

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