Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Flushed Toilet Syndrome

Hey mom how`s it going?  Thanks for the prayers, my companion is doing much better and he`s been doing great.  He`s a good missionary.

Soooo sorry about the confusion.  My mission is dividing on the July 1 so it`s been madness in the offices.  I didn`t get to find out anything.  I just told Elder Dearden, the assistant, that the mothers are worried and want to know travel plans and that he should talk to secretaries about it.  So we`ll see what happens.  He might have taken it as a joke and forgotten about it.... we`ll find out!  But don`t worry, it`ll all work out.  But plan on me getting home on the 2nd.  It`s what it normally would be, I was confused because the trunky paper said the 28th, and Sister Platts explained that it was a mistake.  Just one sister missionary is going home on that date.  The rest of us will be there on the 2nd.  In the morning, I imagine, if I`m leaving late July 1.  That`s what`s gonna happen.  Sorry for the hassle but everything will work out okay. :D

Ah yeah Elder first MTC Provo companion.  Goooood times.

Oh and I`m ashamed that I forgot to mention this last Monday but, 
HAPPY (LATE) FATHER`S DAY DAD!!  You`re great and a great example to me.  Thanks for all you do for me and I hope you`re happy!  
Anyway, I took $60 out of the account to buy some souvenirs.  You should see how we have to bargain with those little indiginas ladies.  They`re tough cookies to crack!

Okay so my week was okay.  As soon as he came Elder Dos Santos left!  So we`re just Elder Granda and me here in the sector again.  We`re doing well and trying to work as hard as we can.  We recently discovered that there is a lot of hurt feelings in the ward so we`ve been trying to help the bishop with the members.  I had to talk yesterday too, except my father`s day message was about forgiveness.  Have you ever noticed that when you really pour your heart into the message and you pray all week that it`ll be what the Lord wants you to say and everything seems great, you end up only having five minutes to speak.  haha it`s madness!  So I just put my whole talk to the side and talked about the Atonement and forgiveness.  But it must be for a reason right?  I think I learned more that the members!

Other than that I`ve been doing okay.  It`s been a good week and I`ve been doing okay.  Last night it really hit me how much time I have left.  I started screaming.  Drastic life changes have that effect on me. Then today while I was by the offices I met some members from my old sector La Luz, I talked with them and they wrote down my email and we said our goodbyes.  Crazy.  Then I said goodbye to some of the elders who had emergency changes that I won`t see again.  Dang.  So all this has made me feel like everything is just spinning around and going out of sight, like I`m being flushed down the toilet!  Madness.... but Mondays are always trunky so hopefully everything will be better during the week.

Other than that....I have nothing else to think about. 

Hey some elders have asked for my MP3 player....should I leave it to one of them or should I take it back home and send it to Ty?  Help me know what I should do. 

Um... I also..... need to.... know.....anything else?  I can`t think of anything.  I think it`s okay if I leave most of my clothing right?  How many shirts and pants should I bring back?  I already gave one pair of my shoes away to Elder Dos Santos.  What else?  I dunno.  Hopefully all these travel plans get figured out.  
But have a great week, tell everyone hi, thanks for the birthday wishes, I know I`m old.  But it`ll be a party!  Thanks for everything, I love ya guys, adios!

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