Sunday, May 27, 2012

From Concrete Jungle To Something... A little more real....‏

Well the changes came!  I'm being shipped off to the Oriente!  That's 8-12 hours in a bus and it's complete madness.  The Oriente is where the jungles are, there are no mountains, there aren't many people, it's blazing hot, and I'm going to be a zone leader.  Good grief.  The Lord wants somebody to be tested up the wazoo!!!

But yeah I'm pretty excited!  I just about crapped my pants when they told me where I was going and what I'm gonna be and I told them "no really, what are the changes."  Bina!  Pura bina.  But it's gonna be awesome, I'm gonna have to grow up real fast.  But just slap me in the bottom, send me to the edges of Ecuador, and call me George of the Jungle!  

Um but yeah that's about it, I gotta go to the terminal in 20 minutes but I just thought I'd tell ya guys what's goin down here.  From ghetto to jungle hippi yi yaaaay hippi yi yooooo Brett's gonna gotta grow because if he don't the zone won't float and Brett'll probably die too.

But thanks for sending a package and pictures and what not.  You're awesome!!

I thought Jodi Messina died.....

Good luck dad in Young Mens!!  Teach them the gospel to make them change!!!

Learn math Cambria and good luck getting ready to go to High school. he.hehe. MUHAHEHENHENEEEEEHEEEEE

Okay gotta go, love ya all, hope you're great, and I'll talk to ya if I survive.  dun dun duuuun

Sunday, May 20, 2012

What We We Have Here is... A Failure to Communicate‏

Ah the same happened to Kyle.  Bummer.  But yeah if it wasn't the best call at least it was somewhat entertaining.  All the Haitians asked me for a dollar after it was done and they tried to talking to me in English.  Esos locos.  

Okay that's good that Dad and Darrell did a good job.  I'm sure it was really great.  I just didn't know what to say about the funeral.  Think I'll just write a letter instead.  haha and Papa is still great.  I can just imagine the aunts talking about it in their loud voices.  ah, Cambria is still doing alright then!  Menos the D in science buuut hey she can pull it off!  Or else.  

Yeah about the birthday thing it's alright.  I don't need anything really.  I just put together my alarm clock with some super glue.  Seems to be working fine again!  But what I would like is pictures of the family and the Valley and stuff to show my companions.  I gotta get this camera fixed or else all this mission will be a vague memory....
Oh and maybe they sell little cards of Christ there in the states?  Those little cards are great to give investigators.  But if not oh well.  My colored stickers will have to do.

That's really cool that school is almost out.  You guys have any plans for summer yet??

Well it was nice to talk to you all and see ya, but as we went to the cita we had planned right after it was like nothing had happened. The work keeps on goin!  We found some guy from Guayaquil and his drugged friend who told us all about his baptism in Guayaquil.  It was hilarious.  He did the re-enactment and everything.  Then as we were walking away from them we could hear him yelling to his friend that he didn't know anything about God.  
Then we were walking by the offices today and some white guy put $20 in my shirt pocket and my first response was thinking about how they robbed me with that card.  Heeeeey I said, and he looked at me innocently.  "I'm not gonna take this money" I told him but then he smiled and I asked him if he was a member and he said yes.  Of Bountiful Utah!  Pelucones!  But I gave the money to Elder Recalde to call his mom tomorrow.  I've also talked to a man from San Antonio Texas who asked me if Mitt Romney is gonna win.  Also a tall guy from Washington.  The United States is everywhere!!

But more than that I got nothin to tell ya guys.  So I guess I'll just write ya next week!  Next week are changes so we'll see if I go anywhere new.  But I love ya guys and I'll see ya next week.

What a Week‏


Well I hope the funeral went well and I'm sure Dad and Darrell did a great job.  It's really great that Blake and Channing did the DVD, sounds like it was beautiful.  Hope you're all getting along fine and that the Spirit and your testimonies give you the comfort you need.  

I think I'm the one who has it easy compared to everyone else at home.  For me, it doesn't seem real yet.  I know it'll hit me when I walk into Papa and Grandma's house and see the empty chair and when I go over to help with the lawn.  As of right now, my life continues normally, like a ripple that didn't reach the surface.  But the day after I could study a lot about the Plan of Salvation and read a few teachings of Jospeh Smith about death.  Joseph Smith lost several brothers, 6 of his children, and saw the death of his father.  Yet he understood the immortality of the human soul, and he used his personal experiences with death to give comfort and hope to others.  He said that we have the greatest reason of all people to rejoice because we understand the true nature of death and we know of the saving ordinances that Grandma received in order to be accepted into the kingdom of God.  Other people are destroyed by a death and can't find the hope or the strength to continue forward.  But how sweet is it to quietly say to ourselves on the darkest night, "I know my family can be together forever."  Because of the death and the resurrection of a man 2,000 years ago we'll live again.  The sting of death is swallowed in the glory of the resurrection.  And it's awesome!!

Another part of this is that I'm always busy.  Hardly have time to think about my own life when I'm looking out for the progress of others.  That's what I'`ve learned from the mission.  When one thinks on his own problems, his own failures and difficulties, he's miserable.  When one can dissolve himself in the good of others you have a way of forgetting other things.  I don't want to say that I'm forgetting Grandma or anything, just that I can move forward without self pity or overwhelming sorrow.  I do feel sorry for you guys, Papa, my cousins and aunts and uncles, but I know that it's possible to feel the love of God through the event of death.  And more than anything, death is a flash of our own hourglass that's constantly moving.  Shows us how we should live and how should we die.  But more than anything I'm just grateful for my family and the Gospel.

Well this week was alright.  We had a talent show, and we did two sketches.  I was Nephi and we did the part of getting the brass plates.  But in Spanish they're called planchas.  But a plancha is also a  clothes iron.  So the planchas de bronce were two irons that we finally got.  We tried to make everything funny.  And it was good.  It's always great to make people laugh.  And just teaching some people!

Well that's all, thanks for everything, we'll talk sometime next week (i still don't know) and I love you all, hope you're doing great, Adios!!

The Devil Controls The Media‏

And why do I say that as my title?  Because only Satan would tempt poor Elder Jackson with the last Harry Potter, Captain America, 3D Star Wars, the new Spider Man, The Avengers, Ghost Rider, and the third Batman.  That has got to be pure evil torture.  I've seen only hints that the movie is coming out and I cry like a sad sad girl who got left without a date on prom night.

Speaking of prom, BLEEEEEHHHHH!!  I tell Elder Recalde horror stories about prom.  Pink tuxes, immodest dresses, awkward dinners.  He thinks we're all crazy for spending so much money on the stinkin thing.  I agree.  NEVER AGAIN!!  But I hope they have fun.  Cheers.  Matt Jarvies is a funny guy.  Russel's invitacion was so stinkin cute I puked.   

OOoooooh Cambria is running hurdles.  YEAH BOY!!  I miss hurdles.  I talk like an old has been to Elder Recalde about those too.  It was the life.  It's more like I just miss it being warm.  And being in shape.  When I'm climbing up these hills in the pouring rain feelin the burn in my legs.... it just makes ya feel like an old piece of wood sittin in a puddle.  

Well this week was stake conference and we had Marcus B. Nash, Elders D. Todd Christofferson and Richard G. Scott talk by satellite to all of Ecuador.  It was inspired.  Just what Ecuador needs.  Talked about how they're part of the covenant people of Israel, how they should remember mission work, marriage, service, and the sacredness of women.  I didn't know they spoke Spanish!  Pretty cool to hear them talking another language.  Sounded pretty good.  Better than me says Elder Recalde.  That's made me be more dedicated to learning Spanish again.  

We taught some of those haitianos again and not all of them understood us.  Speak French!  So we used the movie of the Restoration and put the language in French.  That got their attention.  But after they were done they put in some movie about assassins and there went the spirit.  But hey it's a work in progress.

We also showed another investigator the movie of the Restauration and we asked him what he thought about the restauration of the church of Jesus Christ.  He told us that he was impressed how the Smith family planted corn with faith.  He also has a patch of land and he plants with faith, and he always reaps the harvest.  (Slap to forehead)

Um we had emergency changes today so we haven't been able to do anything.  Somethin went down in the coast.  But I gotta go!  

Hope everything is goin great and you're all living like a bunch of rabbits in a corn patch.  I love you all, and tell some people to be patient with my letters I'm trying to get them sent.  I'm broke!!  (oooh yeah there's only 3 bucks in the account.... sorry!)