Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Week Four: Esta Bien


Crap sakes I don´t know what´s going on right now.

I just got back from walking the streets of Lima.  We got lost a couple of times.  It was awesome!!! It helps me know that I am going to be an actual missionary someday.  Not just classes after classes.  It´s fantastic!! 

We went to the Wal-Mart of Peru, called Torttus (or something) and I got some bleach because all of my shirts have little spots of sauce.  Lots of saucy things here.  And I bought a llama tie.  I love llama ties.  It was catorce soles so esta bein.

Okay sorry let me organize my thoughts.   

So that is a bunch of crap!! An electrical problem after you bought all the fuel pump?? Lo siento that´s no bueno.  Pero maybe we can sell it for more now? Because I want one of these scooters with big like.... shopping carts in the front.  They have those all over here and it is awesome!! I don´t know if they are street legal but I like it. 

So anyway!! Don´t send packages here.  None.  It´s hard and quite the hassal to get them.  So that´ll work. 

Channing sounds like she is having a lovely tea party of a time and that´s good.  

So Peru CCM. Me gusta.  Every P-Day we get to go outside to the temple, (which is closed at the moment), shopping and to other little stores.  Every Saturday we will go proselyting.  Crazy!! In three weeks, when the new wave of missionaries come, I get to tour Lima.  On a bus.  Oh the buses here die every time they hit a speed bump.  It´s great. 

So, to describe Peru I would say....gray.  Day to day it´s different shades of gray.  Light gray, dark gris, medium gray.  And some days, when we´re suerte, we get sun.  It blinds us.  Hisss.  But I love it.  Lot of pollution it seems like.  But the temperature is nice and moderate, sometimes cold, because it´s their winter.  But I´m glad because I would be dying in heat otherwise.  So it´s good!! They have cool birds that run around here.  Funny to look at.  

So mi compañero es Elder Vindas of Costa Rica.  He´s cool.  He´s trying to learn English while I learn Español so it´s a good trade off.  He´s funny.  And he helps me out alot.  I like my North American, not American, distrito here too.  But I´m in a tripanionship with two other elders in class.  Elder Patterson and Elder Davidson. Elder Anderson is the leader.  Elder Peterson and Elder Knudson are in there too.  So the Latinos think all you need to be American is have a 'son' at the end of your name.  Oooh the Latinos are funny.  They know some ingles.  Like "What´s up man!" Then I respond, "Nothing much what´s up with you?....." Then they say again, "What´s up man?!"     It´s funny.  They speak really fast though.  So it´s helped me understand Spanish a lot better.  Not that fake stuff in Provo.  Oh and I really have a hard time understanding Argentina elders.  Lot of ja instead of ya.  Ya know? yeah.     

So soccer here is the real deal.  Gym time it goes down!! I´ve learned a lot of Spanish out there when I understand them.  VENGA VENGA!! OTRO EQUIPO!! AQUI!! CENTRO!! MEDIO!! PASAME!! But it´s hilarious to be out there.  They run circles around us gringos.  But let me say this much!!! I was playing defense, because that´s all i´m good at, getting in the way.  And the ball came flying towards me at half field.  So I just kicked it.  Slow motion.....inspirational music.....everyone goes, it goes, it goes.... flies just out of the reach of the 4 foot 11 goalie´s reach.  GOAL GOAL GOAL!!! The first gringo score!! They ran up to me and started yelling at me and hugging me.  I didn´t understand a word of it....

And they also always ask if I´m related to Michael Jackson.  They love him here.  Crazy!! I told them no, or I haven´t seen any money from being related.  So they told me we´re all brothers and sisters in God´s eyes.  So they figure yeah! Michael Jackson is my brother.  OUW!! 

Some guys here remind me of a lizard and large gerbil.  One is always falling asleep.  Oi.  Americanos.  But yeah all is going good!! 

I get frustrated when I don´t understand sometimes but I know it´s okay.  I have 5 more weeks here.  It´s almost the 1 month anniversary!!! It can only get 23 times better than I am now.  WOOO!!! It´s exciting and I´m learning Spanish better here.  But my time is up.  Better go. 

I had another story but that calls for another time!! When I´m not about to eat.... bleh. 


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