Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Wine Press‏

Hey mom.  I got a package!  I got the new shoes (on my feet right now) and the candy and stickers.  Thank you so much.  Now I think I´m set with those things.  So thanks for everything.
Woooow Broncos.  Sigh.   Payton Manning has helped the team then.  Dang it.  But no use cutting off my nose to spite my face!!  ROCK ON BRONCOS!!  SUPEEEEERBOOOOWWWLL!!
That´s sad to hear about shooting.  They have to have better gun regulation or something.   But then I can just imagine everyone, "THEY´RE GONNA TAKE AWAY OUR GUNS!!"  Settle down,  human lives outweigh the pain of a few rules.
Well I gotta go, sorry mom.  Hope you´re doing alright, I´m fine.  I´m a little stressed with all the bina in the mission but things are getting better.  What´s life without stress?  It´s a race without competition or a timer.  So I´ll be doing great, I love you guys and thanks for all the support.  Be careful!  Adios.

Friday, December 14, 2012

My Jail House Rock‏

Hey mom.  Hope papa gets betters soon.  Hope you get used to long distance communication because I am NEVER going back to below 10 degree weather and howling wind.   I´d rather eat bananas, rice, and chicken for the rest of my life.  But just because you live there I guess I`ll make exceptions when I visit.  Buh.

Um if the picture is of a tall  blond haired elder, it`s Elder Peterson.  If it`s a shorter, brown haired  elder, it´s my current companion, Elder Dearden.  They´re both awesome and they`ve been helping me alot in the diligence aspect of the work and they just like to have a good time.  

That´s cool that everybody is getting back now.  Has time flown or what?  It´s awesome.  Well....maybe not so much for XXXXX XXXXXXX......  he has to come back to find his married, pregnant, ex girlfriend.  Ooohohohoho just for this comment I´m probably gonna have the same thing happen to me haha.

So this week was good.  I´ve had people living in my house for the whole week!  Madness.  We had our zone leader conference, got to hear about the converts in Coca, and the mini zone conference and now some elders did something stupid over there in Esmereldas and Ambato and so they´re here with us until we find out if they stay or if they go.  And so I´ve had to be a baby sitter kinda.  Make sure they don´t go out, that they clean the house, that they get to the offices, that they write the family but don´t write anyone else, and so on and so forth.  Guuuuh.  But it`s fine.  It`s just been kinda of a rough week, I haven´t been able to work in my sector as much as I would have liked, and the baptism of a Familia  fell through.  Opposition in all things.  The husband hurt his leg and now hates the world.  And now the wife isn´t sure if she wants to get baptized.  So it`s gonna be a fight this week.  We`re gonna have people in our house all week too because of the Christmas dinners in the president´s house.  And there´re probably gonna be emergency changes.  Bring it on.

Well not much more than that really going on.  I´ve learned that I need to be an instrument and not try so much to make the work about me.  I`m excited to keep working this week.  Hopefully the Lord will bless us with some fruits.  Thanks for everything mom!  

I love you guys, adios!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

What I Learned from Cleaning a Blender‏

My blender had JJ fur mold growing on it this morning.  I thought it was pretty sick.  So I cleaned it and it was a mess.  But how`d it get there in the first place?  Well my companion or I had made smoothie the other day and probably just rinsed out the blender a little and called it good.  We didn`t clean it like it should have been cleaned.  And thus the JJ hair mold.  So what does that teach me?  DO IT RIGHT, DO IT LIGHT!  If ya do things like they should at the beginning, you won`t have to suffer fixing the damage later on.  Goes with cars, relationships, conversations, and straight up life.  Deep stuff while you wash your dishes in the morning :)

Well cool stuff, glad my new cousin was blessed.  I`m sad you live in a forsaken hole in the ground. But it`s our hole in the ground.

The devotional was good eh?  Give said the little stream (wait that`s not Christmas.....but it should be).  Also we have to receive well.  That's a thing I can work on.  Couldn't take a compliment to save my life!  But I`ll work on that.  How about you?

The week was good.  Jessica was baptized on Saturday.  I accidentally sat on the toy cars of our investigator's son and broke one of them.  Needless to say she didn`t come to church on Sunday :(

Um, I have zone leader`s council tomorrow.  That's always fun.  16 elders coming to sleep in my house all demanding to eat my food (BACK!)  and destroy my bathrooms.  Come on in boys the house is open to the public!!!

Oh and I also had three sons in this last week.  One from Quito (who already left to Mexico), one from Massachusetts (big fella), and one from Germany.  IT`s awesome!  The first German I`ve met that also speaks Spanish.  Cool guys.  Too bad the German reminds me of freshman prom.....hahaha.

Well that's all this week! I`ll talk to you later!  I love you guys, adios!

Mama Mia‏

Hey MOM!

 I´m sorry that I don´t have a lot of time to write.  Just wasted too much time during P-Day.  I was tired so I was kinda napping and walking in a daze.  We woke up at 5 yesterday to fill up the baptismal font for the baptism at 8 before the Sunday meetings.  It´s crazy how an hour and a half of sleep just messes up my missionary mind.

We had the baptism of Cristofer and Heidi Sunday because the lights went out in the city and so we couldn´t fill up the font.  OPPOSITION!!!  But we prevailed and I´m super grateful for it :)  Hopefully we have another baptism this weekend.  

I´m glad you had a good Thanksgiving, I had......HAMBURGERS!!  Yeah boy.  Only because we did divisions and I went to the rich sector. And it was real meat.  Good stuff.

Well I´m doing great.  Try to work hard and I´ll try my best this weekend.  Hope you have a great week and that you enjoy blue skies and cold winds!

I love you guys!